By | May 19, 2018

Wow do Grand Prairie TX restaurants serve up some great food. Have you been to any of the top-ranked establishments in the city? There is a little bit of everything, almost 200 restaurants total. Then you have the bigger cities close by, too, if you’re really feeling adventurous. I’ve covered some of the best Grand Prairie restaurants in other articles for you, but there are still more to talk about. Here are 4 more of the best.

The chicken is said to be superb at this first featured restaurant. Plus, you can have breakfast for dinner. Not all restaurants offer that, so it is something to keep in mind. When you’re in the mood to have breakfast for dinner, you have to know where to go. In Grand Prairie TX, that place is Theo’s Grill & Bar. The restaurant serves up a whole lot more than just breakfast all day long though, too.

I’ve featured at least a couple restaurants in Grand Prairie that serve up Mexican food. This next pick is another good one to visit when you and your family are craving Mexican cuisine. I’m craving Mexican cuisine right now. I thought about renting a movie and getting chips and five layer dip for tonight. You could instead go out to enjoy a meal at Monterey’s Little Mexico, located at 602 Dalworth Street.

Prince Lebanese Grill is one of the top restaurants in the city, and it also offers a rather unique menu. Why not try something new tonight? Or maybe you’re very familiar with Lebanese cuisine, and it’s time to sit down for your favorites. Prince Lebanese Grill is located at 502 West Randol Mill Road, and get this, it has been featured on Food Network.

Candelite Inn is the 4th pick, and its location is 1201 East Division Street. Smother chicken, pizza, baked potatoes, tacos and spaghetti are some of what’s on the menu at Candelite Inn. Are you seeing a trend? The restaurant features an eclectic menu that should fit all tastes. It certainly seems like a great place to visit with the family.

How do those four restaurant picks stack up in your mind? Grand Prairie features some excellent choices when dining out as mentioned. You have a place that serves up Mexican cuisine, a Lebanese restaurant, a dining establishment that serves breakfast all day long and a place that features a very eclectic menu. Happy eating!